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    Exporting PDF Tags From InDesign how do I get PDF tag names, not style names

    DP adobe user3

      Hello, I am wondering how you get the styles to export as tags when exporting to a PDF. We are using InDesign CC 2014.1.


      I've setup the document properly as far as I can tell. In the styles palette, I've told styles to export to PDF as the desired tag.


      I've also tagged various elements and set these up in the Articles palette and told it to use it for the reading order in the tagged PDF. However, when I open the exported PDF and look at the tags, the tags still show the style names (notice the TOC1, TOC2, TOC3 styles shown in the PDF tags screenshot below: 




      What I would prefer is for these TOC styles to appear as <P> tags, not <TOC#> tags. The only way we've been able to approximate the tag names is to name our styles "P", "H1", etc. - but of course we have variations on various styles so it is much better if we can map styles directly to a tag which is what I thought this did.


      So how do I export the file so as to get the desired PDF tags and NOT the style names?



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          Note, I've also tried assigning particular elements specific styles. For example, I specifically set the highlighted line below to a <P> tag using the tag palette.



          But when it is output, it still comes across with the style name, not the tag name.




          So, not sure if assigning actual tags to styles or elements really exports the tags - it seems it only exports the style that is applied to the element. I want to export the actual tag (not the style) so that when the tags are viewed from Acrobat, the PDF will show just <P>, <H1>, <H2>, etc.


          Any help is appreciated!