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    Can other people please request this feature to Adobe?

    Redhead Cos.

      After Effects needs a User Interface section in the preferences.


      I am running Windows 8.1. After updating AE, the user interface automatically adjusts to the system font size. However in other adobe programs, such as Illustrator, the UI is independent.


      So what does this all mean?


      I have a 32" 1920x1200 monitor and can't stand having the system font at 100%, it is simply too small. So I need it at 125%. However when doing this, the AE UI is enlarged and impedes the workspace. There is less room on screen for layers, which is the biggest issue. I can adjust the system font to 100% to make it normal but when I am navigating through files outside of the program, the very small font make things more difficult for me.


      There is a dedicated User Interface section in Illustrator's preferences, why not in AE?


      So if this is affecting you or want to help the cause, please request this feature on this page:

      Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


      Sorry for being redundant, I just want to be clear of the issue and how it affects me. I find it strange that in other adobe programs the UI is independent of the system font but not in AE. It automatically scales and I find it baffling I can't control it.


      Thank You,

      Seth Albee


      P.S. I already contacted support and confirmed that the only solution is changing system font to 100%.


      Here are two screenshots to show you the dramatic change of window size:




      More room for layers: