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    play the 2nd audio when the 1st is 'ended'

    MeaK'iai Level 1

      Esteemed community,

      On Safari on iOS 7.1.2, I tries these 3 approaches below.  None works.  What is the fix or alternative?  I am grateful for your advice.  Thanks.

      // play audio audio3 when audio2 is done. 1st approach tried.

      sym.$("audio2")[0].bind( "ended", function(){ sym.$("audio3")[0].play(); });



      // play audio3 when audio2 is done. 2nd approach tried.

      sym.$("audio2")[0].onended = function(){ sym.$("audio3")[0].play(); };



      // play audio audio3 when audio2 is done. 3rd approach tried.

      eventTimer = document.getElementById( sym.$("audio2")[0] ).addEventListener("onended", function(){ sym.$("audio3")[0].play(); });