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    Palettes misbehave on dual monitor set up with iMac Retina display


      Trying to submit a "bug report."


      Running InDesign CC 2014 (ver on an iMac Retina (with i7 processor, OS X 10.10.2) with a second monitor (Dell 2407WFP, 24" 1920 x 1200) RAM is filled to the maximum 32 GB.


      I have long operated with my main screen dedicated to the primary working window of InDesign and have used a second monitor to keep open all the commonly used palettes. Recently the palettes are "misbehaving." They don't quite seem to understand where the second monitors's boundaries are located. The whole set of palettes (as established user the "workspace" feature) positions itself about 4 inches below the top margin (menu bar) of the second monitor. If I move the pallets back to where there supposed to be, then the 'jump down" when I select something on that palette. When I again try to put the pallet back where it's supposed to be, the linked palettes break apart.


      This behavior only started about 2 "updates" back, so it's a new bug in the software.


      This same behavior is also observed in Illustrator CC 2014 (2014.1.1 release, version 18.1.1). I don't know when Illustrator started having this behavior, as I don't regularly use that product. "Drop down" menus in Illustrator "drop up" and extend beyond the top of the monitor when a palette is close to the top edge of the second monitor.