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    Need help with ECHO effect

    Iggorr25 Level 1

      My problem is explained in this video

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          bogiesan Level 4

          I can't (or won't) watch your videos. This is a forum, not a gallery; try to be succinct and just post a simple question.

          Echo takes lots of experimentation. CC TimeFX is also good but takes much more experimentation.

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            Iggorr25 Level 1

            well I did not mean to offend anyone, if I have done so I am sorry. I did not know that posting links of videos is forbidden here, the fact of the matter is that is is so much easier like this that to explain in word, I have tried explaining in words in the past and it causes a lot of confuse.........

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you have to pre-compose your guy and make sure that you move all attributes to the new composition. Then you apply echo.


              Let us know if you have any further difficulties.

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                Iggorr25 Level 1

                Thank you very much the pre-comp worked like a charm

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                  bogiesan Level 4

                  didn't offend me. I just don't have the patience to wade through videos when a succinct typewritten question does the job. We've gotten along pretty well around here for decades without questions posted as videos but, you know what, video clips may be the coming trend and you're just on the front of the wave.


                  The biggest issue with video links, however, is that many of us are behind corporate firewalls that are quite picky about what gets through. My firewall, for instance, is controlled down to granular youtube channels and makes most public-access photo and photo sump sites totally inaccessible. If you want to make sure people other than Rick can help you out, post a question. Otherwise you will restrict the number of possible views and responses to only those who can, or will, view your video files. 


                  Rick will help anyone if he can.

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                    Iggorr25 Level 1

                    Well I guess you have a point. But I feel I should point out that writing a succinct post is harder when you're mother language is not English. I have tried it in the past but there was a lot of confusion..... For me it is a lot easier to actually show and explain in a video then to write it down, but in the future I will try to do both in a post