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    help with XML embebed menu,customize  bars

      i have three "easy" questions.
      1)How can i change position of icon in Buttonbar,MenuBar or ToggleButtonBar (like under label,before label,up label or after).

      2)how can i bind data to ToggleButtonBar labels and buttons from embeded XML file.I try this one code ..no errors but only clear window...
      <mx:XML id="myMenuModel" format="e4x|xml" source="ButtonPanel.xml" />

      <mx:ToggleButtonBar id="myMenu" labelField="@label" >
      </mx:ToggleButtonBar >
      <mx:ToggleButtonBar id="myMenu" dataProvider="{myMenuModel}" labelField="@label" >
      3)I want Toogle Bar with 100% width and each button with exact width too.(automaticaly generated from widow width)
      But when i use some longer label to some button,that button change its width.
      and buttonWidth its no solution because its parameter cannot by in %.

      Thanks to Yours help!