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    Which graphics card should I invest in for an editing PC


      I am in the process of researching and finding parts to build a powerful editing PC.


      The key programs I would be using are Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Eventually i would like to learn speed grade but as of now these are the primary programs I use. I want this to edit very smoothly and preform while editing hd footage and what not.


      One of the last components I am looking for is the GPU. I know for creative programs this is a crucial element. Since this machine is gonna be tailored for Adobe programs I really would like specifics on what graphics card would be right for me.


      While I am okay with spending money I also do NOT want to go overboard. I want something that is practical for my needs, can preform at the level I need, without being too much or not enough.


      Of course I would rather have something that is better rather than not good enough, but I have seen the wideeee range of prices and want to make sure I am smart about it.


      Here are key components to my PC to this point.

      -Toshiba 2 tb 7200 RPM Harddrive

      -ASUS Z97 LGA 1150 intel motherboard

      -Corsair Builder Series CX 500 Watt power supply

      -Intel Core I.7 4790k processor

      -2 8gb sticks of ram

      and a solid state drive Crucial mx100 series 256gb


      I am hoping the community can point me in the right direction to have the right tools for creativity.