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    2/11/2015 - Beta - AIR

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Adobe AIR Beta Channel Update


      This beta release provides access to the latest AIR SDK for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.  You can download the AIR beta here: Download Adobe AIR 17 Beta - Adobe Labs


      Below are some of the key features and benefits of AIR 17. Please see our release notes for full details.


      New Features:


      • ADT Packaging time Improvement with Support for Parallel Compilation

      AIR 16 introduced support for compilation and packaging of iOS applications for both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. With this improvement, we can now compile 32 and 64 bit architecture in parallel to cut packaging times up to 50 percent.


      • Stage3D - Standard Extended Profile for Mobile

      In version 14 of the Runtime we added the new Standard profile to desktop systems. In Version 15 we expanded that to mobile devices in AIR. In Flash Player 16 we added a new Standard Constrained profile. Now with version 17 we're adding a new Standard Extended Profile for iOS and Android devices that support GLES3 which is a new constant in Context3DProfile class. Availability of “standardExtended" profile indicates the availability of AGAL3. The same profile name can then be used in requestContext3D and requestContext3DMatchingProfiles methods of Stage3D. The “standardExtended” profile requires OpenGL ES 3.0 on mobile platform. Nowadays, there are many high-end smartphones and tablets that have support for OpenGL ES3.0, (iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus, iPad Air, Samsung S5, Samsung Note3, Nexus 5/9/ etc.). AGAL3 increases register limits for vertex attributes, fragment constants and tokens. While we're focusing on mobile first, we anticipate bringing this functionality to the desktop in a future update.




      To assemble the new AGAL, update AGALMiniAssembler.as(AGAL v3) from https://github.com/adobe-flash/graphicscorelib/.


      • VideoTexture Support in AIR for Windows, Mac and iOS

      We've introduced a new ActionScript feature that allows hardware accelerated video to be used as a source texture in a Stage3D environment. Currently, using video with Stage3D requires the use of the Video object, which is not accelerated, and manipulation of the bitmap representations of the video frames. This new feature, called VideoTexture, allows direct access to a texture object that is sourced from a Netstream or Camera object. As of the first Flash Player 17 beta this feature is back and now available on AIR Mac, Windows and iOS.  Please see our release notes for complete details.



      Fixed Issues:

      • On Changing the profile Camera Frame is not rendering. (Bug 3932196)
      • Packaging fails with error "Unable to find llvm JNI lib in", when application is packaged with -useLegacyAOT yes option. (Bug 3932107)
      • [Win] adl is getting crash, when application is closed. (Bug 3932591)
      • [Win] Seek functionality is not working. (Bug 3932608)
      • [Android] Bold text formatting doesn't work on Android device (3682719)
      • [HMAOT] App crashes on launch when using the Parsely framework, works fine with GOAOT (3741144)
      • [Android] [Samsung-Specific] Korean characters are displayed as blank box on the TextField in Galaxy Note 2/Android 4.4/AIR 4.0 (3861607)
      • [iOS] CFBundleVersion value can't be more than 99 for iOS (3847816)



      Known Issues:

      • Runtime Error #1074 while initializing app, if static constant is defined in Class. (Bug 3936578)
      • [iPhone 6]: Weird behavior with TextField in landscape mode. Can't actually copy & paste into (or from) TextField. (Bug 3935347)
      • App screen does not render properly for fraction of seconds (flickers) on first rotation. (Bug 3929295)



      About the Beta Channel

      If you would like real-time notification for announcements related to the AIR Beta Channel please follow the Flash Runtime Announcements forums by choosing "Follow this forum" from the right-hand menu on the Forums page.


      You can find instructions for getting started with this release here: AIR Labs Page