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    Unwanted file duplication


      I recently imported several folder (including subfolders) into LR.  I organize my photos by year and month (and then sometimes further within that month).


      So, for the folder 2015, I currently have just one subfolder, labelled 1.15


      On my hard drive (ie in windows file explorer), there are no files in the folder labelled 2015 unless they are also in 1.15; so as you can see in the snapshot below, all that appears in 2015 is 01.15 folder without and separate photo files





      But once imported to LR, all the 2.15 photos files show up twice: once in 2.15 and again in 2015; as you can see in the snapshot, photos are present in the 2015 folder.




      This is a problem since the subfolder help me organize and separate files; even more important when I create multiple subfolders within the month folder.


      How do I avoid this and mirror the format of window file explorer?  I know that these are not truly duplicated files and that they are simply indexed in LR, but this is still not ideal.

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          bhousto90 Level 4

          Lightroom is showing the total count of photos in the parent folder and all of its subfolders.

          If you do not wish to see the count for the parent folders, then right click on the plus symbol in right side of the Folders panel and uncheck the option "Show photos in Sub folders"

          Then, if you do not have any photos in the folder  '2015' it will just show a zero and show count of 144 for the folder '1.15'


          For example: 'show photos in subfolders' is enabled/checked:

          With it unchecked:


          Though when you collapse the 2015 folder in the folder view it will again just show a count of zero


          I personally find the option of having the show photos in folders count less confusing

          There are no photos in Nature folder but its sub-folders have 573 photos. Note also the change to the count for the Birds folder (only 37 in that folder then the rest are in the sub-folders)



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            danielw6552638 Level 1



            Thank you so much.  I would have never found the drop down menu off the plus button.