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    MSI Installers for FlashPlayer Fail - Solution


      We've begun to see an issue with FlashPlayer MSI installer via Group Policy is failing with active_x and plugin versions.  The non-MSI installer will install Flash, but this is not maintainable.  FlashPlayer is uninstalled according to Windows Add/Remove Programs.  I have downloaded/run the uninstall program that Adobe provides.  I have followed the steps in the document where you can manually delete the files as documented in Uninstall Flash Player | Windows.


      I ran the MSI interactively and learned that this silly installer is looking for the MSI for versions 12 and 15 of FlashPlayer.  Yeah, installers long gone in a world of 60 day retention policies.  I copied the MSI to the names that were being looked for by the installer, but that didn't work.  So, I did a search the file names in the registry and found entries for these under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Hive.  Deleted and all is well... Shame the uninstaller program that Adobe provides does not really and truly uninstall all traces of the software...


      Windows 7 x64

      FlashPlayer 16, but the issue began back on 15