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    Help on dated image replacement on flash

      I'm trying to do the same thing but istead of daily I would like to display a different image every week, for instance
      on sunday February 25th 2007 I want to display image 1.jpg for sunday March 4th, 2007 I want to display 2.jpg and so on every sunday of the month (is for my church), below you'll see how I have setup the flash file:

      I have a bunch of images (symbols) slideshow and each symbol shows a different images, amoungst those symbols, one of them has nothing in, which is where I want the jpg to appear.

      Then I have a clock script I got from the internet that displays the date on a dynamic fied as follows (Thursday 22 February 2007)

      So I NEED DESPERATE HELP on how to create a code that would get the images loaded in - loadMovie(" http://www.site.com/imagestest/1.jpg", mainMov.loadMov) but only if it matches the date on the dynamic text field.

      Any help is greatly apppreciated.