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    Serial Number

    Mike Negue

      I purchased Lightroom 5, and the DVD-R came with an insert with a serial number printed on it. Unfortunately I am working from a Macbook Air and I have no drive to install it via the DVD. So I downloaded LR5 online through the Creative Cloud, I also have an Adobe ID. I registered the serial number on the Adobe site, thought that would be enough, but apparently not, because now 30 days later, my "trial has expired." I cannot find anywhere any place to enter the serial number. I cannot find an activation window where I can enter a serial number.


      I don't know if this matters, but I downloaded LR5 a year ago and did a trial at that time until it expired. After that, I went back to LR4, standalone version with my LR4 serial number that I had been using for a couple years. Btw, my new LR5 serial number is not for an upgrade, if that matters.


      Can anyone help me find a way to enter my LR5 serial number?