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    How do I link a google drive edge animate project to an iframe?


      I have a simple edge animate project as a test. It has the following files in the root:


      edge_includes folder containing 3 images and edge.5.0.1.min.js




      I want to be able to have these files stored on google drive (or dropbox or alternative) and link to them through an iframe on my website. I've tried doing this by keeping the file structure the same on google drive and just referencing the shared link of the html file, but the project will not work.


      I've also tried replacing the src links of the edge.5.0.1.min.js file and the image files to their shared links on the google drive. This didn't work either.


      Is there any way to host the files externally and have them still reference each other properly so the html file can be linked into an iframe on a different site?


      Many thanks in advance