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    Datagrid to Chart dataprovider


      I have an XML document that populates a datagrid. within the xml file there is an object named chart that has a value "usage".
      What I want to do is to get this value usage and make it the chart components datasource. I tried making the datasource {dg.selectedItem.Chart} for the chart component but it doesn't do anything. but I know that it passes the variable to a text field.

      In the great scheme of things what I want to do is to have a datagrid that has my projects, populated by an xml. Some of these projects that I have created will have trial options. So I also need an script that will make a button visible within the datagrid, that would be based on an object in xml, <Trial>Yes</Trial> When clicked it will call another mxml file that would have the chart component.

      I have been looking at the examples but I do not understand the actionscript and the loops. Please guide me..:)