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    Why do some projects not permit scripts to acces network? My setting is turned on but somehow one project works and the next one doesn't.

    Didric vd Borne

      Hi all,


      I'm working with a script that writes files and accesses network. With this script I can fill in text fields and place pictures in template projects. I've been testing this script with various projects and some work fine but some just do not. My general script is the same for all, so that can't be it. But for some reason some projects are allowed to connect to the network and some are not.

      Furthermore, all template projects are copies from one single 'master' project. So all settings should be the same on project level as well.


      It almost seems like there is another way to control network acces other than the checkbox on the general preference page. But I haven't found it.


      Anyone has a clue? Most appreciated!


      Best, Didric