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    metadata field splitable



      based on the example mymetadata.lrdevplugin, there is a new metadata field "myString" introduced.
      This field is searchable, browsable.

      In the library filter (I hope this is correct, because I using another GUI localication)
      This field is available and I can see the values. I can select a value --> all photos are filtered with this value.

      Is there any way to split the values in this field by a separator, so that I can filter on the single values.

      Photo X: myString = "A; B".
      Photo Y: myString = "A; C".

      In the library filter I see, splitted by a separator (e.g. ";")

      If I select A, the photos X, Y are selected.
      If I select C, the photo Y is selected.

      Or must I use keywords for such a behavior


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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          The builtin Library Metadata browser won't do what you want.  However, you can search for individual words in the metadata field using the text criterion Any Searchabled Plug-in Field:


          You can't select individual plugin metadata fields, so the search might accidentally include other plugins' fields.  If you want more control over that search, limiting to a specific field and with a broader array of text operators (including pattern matching), you could use my Any Filter plugin.