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    Text alignment to column (not baseline) guides


      Hi everyone. My question is whether there is a way within style sheets of forcing larger text styles to visually align to a vertical column grid line?


      In the attached example, all the text is contained within one text box which fits to the column width and everything aligns vertically against the left edge column grid line, except for the larger text ('Nature's Boldest Thieves').


      I want to know if there is any programmable way of forcing those larger letters nearest to the left gridline to align along it that DOESN'T involve individual manipulation (letter space kerning etc) of each line or the use of Optical Margin Alignment, which isn't a realistic solution within my workflow? (Just to clarify, what I want is to get the straight left edges of each letter to line up with the grid and not underhang as they do in this example.)


      Many thanks if you can help at all...


      Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.17.50.png