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    Cheaper Adobe subscription???


      I love my Adobe products, but I hate paying $50/month. This is a ridiculous amount of money for a services subscription, when you consider Microsoft charges $12.50 for Office 365.


      The problem is, i don't use hardly any of the tools. But I need more than just Acrobat for $20/month. I use Photoshop fairly regularly and occasionally Illustrator.


      I wish there was a cheaper option, like $20 or 25/month that would let me choose maybe 5 of the applications rather than this all-or-nothing, got-you-by-the-balls way Adobe has been taking my money for three years.


      I hope this message is passed up to the appropriate department because you are forcing me to look for alternate software tools to accomplish my tasks. I prefer Adobe but I don't like being ripped off.