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    Missing fonts between synced documents - DUPLICATE

    rsantiago001 Level 1

      Hi, there!


      I having missing font messages in Indesign documents that are synced via Creative Cloud Files. Both computer have these "missing fonts" installed and as far as I know they are not corrupted (i.e. can be used normally).


      At first I thought that it was an issue caused because the versión of the font installed as it happened only with Font Awesome (an ever updating icons font). I downloaded and installed the most recent version of the font on both computers and the issue wasn't gone. Now it's happening with another font: ITC Officina Sans. I don't know what is going on, Anyone?


      Some helpful facts:


      - Computers involved: iMac 2012 and Mac Pro 2014 both using lastest version of Yosemite

      - Indesign: lastest version installed, same with Adobe Creative Cloud desktop client.

      - Problem only happens on synced files via Creative Cloud

      - Font affected are not from Typekit

      - Only happens on a huge project so far (We have been working on it for a long time so don't know if other projects may be affected)

      - The project consist of a book and over 20 docs. Docs range from 6 to 50 megas in file size.