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    How do I indicate white ink?

    ceilr Level 1

      I am running ID5, AND using Pantone System Colors, Solid Coated.


      I am preparing artwork to be printed directly onto a CD and need to specify white ink.  Specifying "Paper" in the Swatches palette, means anything that looks white on the screen now will show up as silver on the finished disc, because the CD will show through.


      I have Pantone's Color Bridge, and white is nowhere to be seen on it!


      I just now opened the PMS Solid Coated swatch menu, selected Spot colors, typed White as a new color and scrolled through the list of Spot colors.  There is no white swatch, so I left the color-number field blank, clicked OK, and am now looking at White listed in the Swatches palette.  Is this the way to indicate white ink?


      Thank you!