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    Switching between FocusManagers

      Hi, I have the following :

      Component A is a control bar with buttons doing some action
      Component B is a TitleWindow Popup

      I click on a button on the Component A to open Component B.
      After that, I click on a Component A button to edit textfields in my component B. In this button A action, I use myTextField.setFocus() to give focus to my first textfield, but if I press Tab, the focused element is the next button in my component A, not my second textfield in B.

      If I click with mouse on my first textfield, no problems. Tab select the second textfield.

      I think that clicking on a button on A to give focus on an B element, stay the current Focus Manager to the A instance...

      How can I switch (in script) to the B focus manager instance, or how can the B focus manager instance become the current focus manager ?

      Thanks for your help