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    Old Robohelp Compatibilities

    chortlehoort Level 1
      I have an old Robohelp file that was authored in Robohelp 3.1. I downloaded and installed the Robohelp 6 Trial Version and am able to create new files, so the installation went fine. However, trying to open up with old MPJ file causes two alerts to be thrown.

      "Files from a 6.0 project already exist in this project folder and may be more up to date than the previous version you are about to convert. Do you want to continue and overwrite the converted files?"

      Clicking OK in that dialog produces this message...

      "Open project was canceled or the application was unable to load database for 'My project file path'"

      The timestamp on my MPJ file is 10/21/2005 so I know that it could not have possibly been converted to 6.0 previously. I'm looking for any suggestions on how to properly open up this file in Robohelp 6. Any help would be immensely appreciated, no matter how bizarre!