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    InDesign crashes after Welcome Screen shows up


      My InDesign CC had an update yesterday. Ever since when I launch it now it crashes on the Welcome Screen, I had disabled this somehow before in the Package Contents but the update has caused it to show up again, causing the whole programme to freeze and making me force restart the computer with the power button. There is no option to stop it from showing up even in Preferences. This has happened with Photoshop and Illustrator before too. I have a screen shot of what the Welcome Screen looks like; it goes all blurry and smudged somehow so I cannot select anything to say "Don't show this again". I cannot find any topic on this solution as it kept coming up with Photoshop. I am using a 20 inch Late 2006 iMac OS X Lion (which is slow enough as it is!) with a 2GB SDRAM. Tried contacting Adobe via chat but they don't have anyone in to help me. Here is the image:

      Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.56.48.png