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    Seeking Solution: Robohelp 10 to Display Auto-sizing/Custom-sized Popup to Appear Next to the Linked Word on IE 11


      Hello Experts,



      • I am new on RH and currently using RH10.
      • The project that I just took over is an Online Help (OH Production) which was originally created in RH10 (so no upgrade) and it already had a release and it used WebHelp layout.  The Online Help uses auto-sizing popup. 
      • The release works fine on my IE11, which auto-sizing popup window appears perfectly next to/below to the linked (hyperlinked word) word on IE11 and Chrome.
      • I currently use the same project as the base by making copy of the project and renaming it to different name, a working project Online Help In Work (OH In Work).
      • I don't have any changes on this OH In Work project, just try to generate WebHelp output to my local computer drive to test preview .
      • I have to use "Display auto-sizing popup" to open a small window (frame) next to the linked word, not a new browser/link page.
      • Both "Display auto-sizing popup" or "Display custom-size popup" have given the same result, which is the problem I need to get fixed.
      • Regardless whether I do generate the WebHelp output to preview on IE11 and Chrome from a fresh new created project, Online Help New (OH New) on RH10 or from the copy project (OH In Work) above (which we already know that the above production/released project works fine), the result of the generated WebHelp from the Single Source Layout to preview on IE11 is not the same as the production released Online Help project I mention above. On Chrome the popup window works fine as it appears/opens up next to the linked word.  But in IE 11 preview upon saving & generating it from WebHelp, it opens a new window on the top left or top center of the currently opened browser instead of next to the linked word like the OH Production.
      • If I generate it from Microsoft HTML Help, the preview CHM file looks perfect too. Popup appears next to the linked word.
      • OS is Windows 7. Popup Blocker is Off. Internet Properties Tabs setting is Let IE decide how popup should open -- shown below.
      • Sample pictures below show what I am referring to.
      • No plan to upgrade to RH11. I still have to use RH10.



      • Please, would you let me know the solution/fix how I can make my project auto-sizing popup window to work exactly like how it appears on Chrome or how it appears on my OH Production on IE11?  In which popup window should appear next to the linked word (or below it), but not as a new window popup on the top-center or top-left far away from the linked word.  This is a problem as the popup should not block the view of other sections/paragraphs that don't relate to the linked word or to the popup window's content. 


      Hopefully, you will have the workaround or pinpoint my error rescue this. Your quickest reply with resolution is very appreciated. That's why you are Da' Expert and generous with your knowledge!


      Thank you.


      Internet Properties Tab Settings




      RoboHelp10 Insert Hyperlink > Display auto-sizing popup. Note: That "Link to" dialog box is actually not blank in my project. Only the image I shown here is blank because it's just new and only for image.



      This below is on Chrome, which display popup window next to the word "Suggest". Perfect, just like what I need. This below pic on IE11 displays the popup window as a new window on the top-center of the opened browser. This is the problem.





      This below is on Microsoft HTML Help. Popup windows opens perfectly next to the linked word, "Suggest".