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    Can't seem to make a video start muted


      I have a video playing in a banner, autoplays after a few seconds, and included a mute toggle. Currently, the banner animates and the video plays with sound, and you can toggle the sound on and off. Pretty basic. However, I am creating ads and as per the IAB specifications, all video must begin muted. How can I simply have the video start playing muted and use the toggle as is to turn the audio on??

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          jowens85 Level 1

          So for some reason if I use the toggle mute button to un mute the video (After having it start with the volume set to 0) it does nothing. However if I use the change volume to 100% it works, but obviously then the user can't mute it again. So I added in the toggle mute...the code on my mute toggle button looks like this.........


          // Set the volume of a video track to 100%

          sym.$("PCTU0563H_OurFutureRevised30_1080p_12")[0].volume = 1;


          // Set a toggle to turn mute on or off

          sym.$("PCTU0563H_OurFutureRevised30_1080p_12")[0].muted = !sym.$("PCTU0563H_OurFutureRevised30_1080p_12")[0].muted;


          With this in place the video plays muted, but for some reason it needs to be clicked twice for the audio to turn on, but it then toggles like it should.....Please can someone help???

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            Hi, experiencing the same issue here. Trying to fix this in order to comply to IAB regulations as well.

            I can see your post has been here for a while, have you found anything else since?


            Thank you.