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    Can't use Bangla font in anti-alias "anti-alias for animation"....help needed!


      Hi, the problem I am having with adobe flash pro cs6 is that I am trying to use Bangla font in flash. Although the font shows up but in anti-alias "anti-alias for animation" mode, the fonts become all scattered and disordered. But when I switch to "use device font", the work okay. But in using device font, I cant really use the subscript or superscript button. So then again I have to switch back to "anti-alias for animation". I am getting sick of it. Is there any way around it?

      I have added an image for you to understand my query ............Untitled.jpg


      Someone else "deval mistry" posted the same problem on Mangal font here.... https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1697054

      deval mistry