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    Component Loader - how to have 1st image visible

    liolee Level 1
      I'm a rookie at Flash, so excuse the simpleness of my question. By the way, I'm using Flash 8.
      I want to use the Component Loader that I gave myLoader as an instance name. I'm using an action script for each button (which are thumbnails of my big images) with the on(release) {myLoader.contentPath - "imagename.jpg";} action. My problem is that I want the 1st image to show, I don't want a blank clip when it first opens up. How do I get the first image to show but then go away when the other images are called. I tried simply putting an image on my first frame, but then everytime I click on a button to see a different image, during the time the new image is loading, it brings me back to the image on frame 1 for a second or 2.