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    Any tips for upgrading from LR4 to LR5


      I am just about to attempt my upgrade from LR4 (student edition) to full-fledged LR5.   Any hints or tips on how to redirect LR4 directories, etc. to LR5?   Other tips for the install?   (Obviously, I've backed up my computer prior to starting.)





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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your "full-fledged" Lightroom 5 will be no different than the student version of Lightroom 5, because there is only one Lightroom program. You'll have new features in Lightroom 5, of course. But don't expect anything extraordinary because there is no difference. All you have to do is install Lightroom 5. Since it is an upgrade, it will look for that serial number from your Lightroom 4, and then you will have to enter the new serial number for Lightroom 5. When Lightroom starts it will find your previous catalog and will offer to upgrade it to the appropriate format. The original Lightroom 4 catalog will be left as it was, and completely usable by Lightroom 4. After the upgrade process completes you should be able to see all the images and all the work that you did in Lightroom 4, but you will be using the new program. It's a very straightforward process.