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    Edge managing the library folder

    smenegassi Level 1

      Recently someone posted a issue I unhappily don’t remember the title. Not long ago. Late january or this month.

      I believe I have the same concern. I am working on a very big project, and there will be lots of images folders and sub-folders.


      Right now, I am on the 1/4 of the whole project and I have 23 MB of images, distributed on 5 sub-folders of about 3 MB each. I’ll still have another 15 sub-folders, about the same size. Of course I won’t load all those images at the same time. But when I open my project,  Edge points to the same big image folder with its sub-folders.

      I believe that was the issue that other user mentioned.


      Is there a limite to the Edge interface to deal with that amount of data ? I mean, will there be a moment when the Edge interface will not be able to deal with that information and it will slow down or anything ?


      thanks for any advice on the matter. I hope I made myself understood.

      Thanks all



      Edge Animate 2014.1.1

      Mac OSX 10.9.5