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    Need Lightroom backup/file management help


      I just switched from a Dell PC to a MacBook Pro with 1TB SSD, Thunderbolt display. Had to fix more file/folder mismatches with my Lightroom catalog than expected, but all is working smoothly now.  My catalog contains all my photos (I'm an enthusiast with family stuff mixed in with hobby) and is stored on a 2TB WD MyPassport.  Total size is about 1.1TB with 100K images.  It looks like I added about 375GB of images in 2014 when I upgraded to a Canon 6D and went almost exclusively RAW.


      I'm now 36 hours into my first TimeMachine backup and only 90GB of 1.3TB of it is done.  The backup is going to a WD MyBookLive network drive. 


      Am I setting myself up for failure?  What recommendations would you have?


      Thanks in advance for your help.