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    exports pixelated after messing with post processing after export setting...


      I never had problems with my pictures being pixelated, but after messing with some settings in the export tab, under "post processing after export" I noticed my pictures had poor quality and pixelated..there was no option selected before (there was literally a blank space on the tab), but when i clicked tab to see more options it had "show in explorer". I clicked that and somehow the settings changed and now my pictures are smaller and pixelated once I export. So I went to put it back to the blank option and it was not longer available just the "do nothing" option...So i clicked the "do nothing" option and same thing.. now I cant get any of my pictures to export the way they normally did, everything is smaller and pixelated. I am really freaking out. I tried uninstalling and re-installing and the settings stay the same, it wont go back to the default lightroom settings that I have been working with for the past year. I have all my pictures on an external hardrive, and really just want to start over from scratch in lightroom, I want the setting I originally had when I installed lightroom for the first time a year ago. can someone please help me????