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    Can't export to any file


      Getting error when try to export

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          You have not given us enough information to help you.


          What version of Premiere Elements and what computer operating system is involved?


          1. We need details of your project -

          a. what is the description of what you imported into the program?

          b. what project settings were set by you or the project to match the description of the what you imported into the project?

          c. in detail, what did you select for your export in the sharing section of the version of Premiere Elements that you are using?

          d. in what way can't you export to any file...how far do you get and are there any error messages associated with these failures?


          And, there are questions about your computer and its resources to make sure that your computer has enough resources to support your projects.


          Also, are you running the program as the Administrator?

          Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer along with Premiere Elements?

          Is your video card/graphics card up to date according to the manufacturer of the care?

          Are you working with a pen and tab device instead of a mouse?

          Does the problem occur with or without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?


          Please review and consider. If any questions about the question or need clarification on any of them, please do not hesitate to ask.

          We will go at whatever troubleshooting pace you prefer, but the answers are in the details yet to come.


          Thank you.