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    CSH API vs Directly Calling Topic URLs


      Okay, folks, I need some help. I've worked with developers at two different employers, and each time I give them the CSH APIs and Instructions for Developers, they look at me strangely and ask why they can't just call the correct topic for each context.


      I understand that there are some functions, like calling a named window in webhelp, that wouldn't work because they are not using the API. However, I'm using the new, awesome responsive HTML5 output for my current project. According to WvanWeelden (http://www.wvanweelden.eu/articles/context-sensitivity-multiscreenresponsive-html5), it doesn't matter with responsive HTML5 since you're not using specific screen layouts.


      Is there any other functionality that I should be concerned about eliminating if we choose to call specific topics within the application instead of using the CSH API? I know that I shouldn't change my topic name (URL) unless I want dev to have to make the change within the application. Anything else?


      Thanks, in advance, for your responses,


      Becky Williams