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    Canon 7d Mark II Raw Files In Bridge


      I need help trying to figure out why my 7d2 Raw Files will not preview as thumbnails in Bridge.  I have updated all my software, installed the new Raw converter, 8.7.1, and still the files show up, but there is no data associated with them nor will a preview/thumbnail show up.  I can load the files one at a time, but cannot see which file I want to load so, this is unacceptable.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I have restarted my system to ensure all updates have been installed.  It is really puzzling me.  The fact that Bridge doesn't show any data on the files or recognize that a 7d2 was used must be a sign, but of what?  Did the upload installation not work, or do i need to push a button somewhere in the software to activate the new driver?  Need help!  Thanks.