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    How to use Lightroom 5 [was: 6] to transfer related .WAV files for VISIBLE display next to my Nikon D4s NEFs?

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      Please help me. The ability to do this crucial to my workflow as a photojournalist and columnist.


      Today I discovered that I have a serious problem when I tried to use Lightroom 5 to transfer my RAW images and their associated .WAV files from my Nikon D4s memory card. I did a search online and found that a Canon user has this same problem:


      Part way through the transfer a message box appeared on-screen telling me: "Some import functions were not performed. These files are not photos or videos," followed by a list of all of the .WAV files.

      I rely on those audio files to remind me of things that I need to know about for my column with regards to the associated photos. Sometimes I even use those short audio files to record sound effects.


      I am using a Mac running on the new Yosemite operating system.


      I like the fact that Lightroom does not do destructive editing vis a vis the added description and other metadata, as opposed to Nikon transfer which apparently does do "destructive editing," but I've been using Nikon Transfer 2 and, before that, previous versions of this program for years. I have never had an issue with corrupted photos due to the transfer process. This is a significant drawback for me of Lightroom 5.


      Surely many, if not most, people at Adobe use Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, so why would they allow such a serious flaw to be in Lightroom 5?


      Am I missing a step that will eliminate this problem or is there a workaround for it?


      Thank you for your help.