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    AE 2014.2 crash when switching preview panel with Matrox


      I newly bought a pc with Matrox M9138 card, and using it for professional use. All works fine, except for Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2: it simply crashes when switching between the Preview-panel and Render-Cue panel.


      When I look in AE preferences under Video-preview > Mercury transmit doesn't even show that there is a Matrox-card. The only option there is Adobe DV. So, I guess AE doesn't find and even makes use of my Matrox card.


      Technical info:


      Windows Version: 8.1

      Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 CPU, 3.6 GHz

      RAM: 16GB

      Type: 64bits


      Matrox M9138 LP PCIex16

      Driver version ( for Win 8-64bit


      Adobe CC After effects 2014.2

      After Efects error: "Crash in progress. Last logged message was: <816><ae.blitpipe><2> Making New Context"



      First I installed the Matrox driver, and then Adobe CC, but After effects crashed when switching between preview-panel and render-cue-panel (No Matrox recognition in AE preferences > Mercury transmit)


      Now I did it in other order:


      - I removed Adobe CC (AE included) and all parts

      - Did extra checkup removal with Adobe CC cleaner

      - Removed the Matrox driver

      - Restarted PC

      - Reinstalled Adobe CC with AE

      - Reinstalled Matrox Driver

      - Restarted PC

      - matrox fully installed and working perfectly (no errors in Display Adapters info).


      But still, After effects crashed (Still no Matrox recognition in AE preferences > Mercury transmit)


      I contacted Matrox technical support, and as I suspected, they say they haven't had this problem before and all works fine.



      Does someone has an idea what the problem would be?

      Help or info would be very appreciated.