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    serial number not accepted

    dhmiller Level 1

      I have a CC sub as well as a standalone copy of LR 5. I needed to create a new partition and resintall the OS on my iMac (10.10.2) and when I first downloaded CC, it said that LR was already installed and up to date, this on a totally new partition and resintall of the OS. But when I tried to run Lr, it said I had to buy a license or punch in my serial number. I tried the serial from my standalone box copy and it did not work. And I do not know of any other serial number related to my subscription.

      Any advice on how to get LR installed on this new OS build?



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are two license-versions of LR 5, one that uses a serial number for licensing that you can download from http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates and the other that requires a CC login to license it and that version can be downloaded only through the CC desktop app, itself.


          I am a PC person and don’t know anything about how Macs work when you install things on a new partition but could your new install of the OS be copying things from the old partition that might include Adobe licensing information, but since it is on a new partition, the internal paths for things are wrong, and the licensing isn’t working?  Or when you install to a new partition, the old one is hidden and offline and nothing is seen or copied from it as if you’d swapped internal hard-drives and were installing to a new hard-drive?