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    Printing even borders / margins from PDFs created in Indesign




      I am having trouble printing images with even borders / margins - from my Epson R2400 inkjet printer.


      In Indesign I have set all margins to 5mm along all edges. Then I export the document as an A4 PDF.


      When I open the PDF using Acrobat, the margins appears OK and even - same as in Indesign.


      When I print it, from Acrobat, the print then has a thicker margin on one side than the other. I have the same issues when printing from Indesign - except printing from Indesign is about 1000 times slower than printing from Acrobat!


      Does anyone know of any way of preventing printing PDFs with uneven margins?


      Any advice much appreciated!!! I'm wasting alot of paper and ink trying to print using different printer settings.