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    Custom Print Size not printing to Epson 4900


      I had Epson Support on the phone yesterday as I have been unable to print anything wider than 22 inches from Lightroom 5.7 . The custom page size is 17" by 30". The tech took over my computer, made sure all was set up correctly. The lightroom print module showed the proper dimensions and the tech hit print. The print came out resized at 22 inches. The tech then opened the same photo in Photoshop CS5, set up a custom paper size to 17 by 30 and hit print. The print preview showed the proper dimensions and he sent it to the printer. The print came out perfectly at 17x 30. He had no explanation but said it had to be a lightroom problem and not a problem with the 4900

      All firmware and software updates have been downloaded to the printer. The computer is a IMac Intel running the latest OS. Does anyone have any ideas why the custom size will print properly from Photoshop, but not from Lightroom

      Thanks in advance