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    multiple clips into one

    Codex Nova

      When I cut a video using CTRL-SHIFT-D, it splits the clip into 2, like I want. however, it moves them sepretly onto different lines. this is fine, until I cut so many clips that I have 50 lines of clips. its hard to keep track of where stuff is. my point being, is there a way to move all of thoughs cut clips into 1 line with them still being cut? thanks


      Garrett Cutter

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes... cut you clips in a NLE like Premiere Pro.


          After effects is a layer based program with one asset per layer. Think of it as Photoshop for video. Other than renaming your layers, the only organizational and render order modifying tool you have is to pre-compose your layers. The most efficient way to use AE is to create short sequences or shots, then render them or place these shots in Premiere Pro for editing. Trying to edit a long form program in AE is nearly impossible and is at best impossibly inefficient.