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    How do you put your edge composition into your host ?




      I got a little problem but it s stopping my project to zero. Indeed, I d like to save all my edge composition into my host server. Well I have no problem to do that.


      I have just created a new folder with the name of my composition and inside I have the images folder, the _edge.js file and the html one. That s great, but how could I get it from my data base ?


      I have tried to put as an image file a URL (images/myImage.png) -> (edgeComposition/myEdgeProject.html) but it doesn't work. The only way for me to publish an edge project is when I publish into a package for Dreamweaver with the OAM file. But it s absolutely not what I need to do because my  blog's page are as you can image generating by php and mysql connecting to my data base.


      So if one of you have a bit time to help me or to show me how to call from my host -> my data base -> my web site, it could be great ?



      Best Regards,