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    Unable to Migrate Photoshop from old laptop to new


      I bought a laptop with software already installed in August 2009. This is what I was told when I purchased the laptop: "Yes these are full versions of the software. They have not been registered on the computers themselves yet. There is already a serial number imputed so the software will be functional forever and receive updates, and also be eligible for the CS5 Update when It comes out. If desired, you may use your own serial numbers, however the one that was used is for this computer and works fine. There is no trial software on these computers. It is all the real deal."


      Before I purchased this MacBook Air, I was told by Apple that I could migrate all apps and files from my old laptop to the new one. I bought special firewire cables from them to do this. However I can't find the serial number and when I try to migrate the application, I am not able to. The place I bought the laptop from originally is not responding to my emails - I suspect they are no longer a business. Is there anything I can do? Right now I am having to work on the old laptop and email all Photoshop files back and forth. A big pain in the butt. How can I get Photoshop on my new laptop?


      I did try to purchase it from your store but it seems you only sell the Creative Cloud now and it would not download the free trial for me. It says "No child processes" in the message that pops up.


      I am at a loss how to get Photoshop on my new laptop. Can you help? Thank you!!