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    Charcoal Filter Not Working as Expected

    ColdForest Level 1

      I'm playing around with some effects (ala various "pencil drawing" tutorials: e.g., How To Create a Pencil Drawing From a Photo In Photoshop - Line Drawing Effect - YouTube) and I'm stuck trying to explain an effect that's resulting from an application of the charcoal filter on my image. I've selected a portrait of a long-boarder and pasted this onto a whilte background and de-saturated the resulting layer. However, when I bring up the charcoal effect it's result is nothing like other examples I've seen (which, not suprisingly, look much more like actual charcoal drawings ). In particular the white background turns into a gray/greenish background and the portrait portion has the same cast along with stronger white lines (see below). The previous steps (as per the referenced tutorial) have all turned out great and its just this charcoal layer that appears way off. Does anyone have any ideas?