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    Edit video files with photoshop cc or cs6 NEED ADVICE PLEASE



        I am working on a project video and I want to edit or paint on each video frame. It is a time lapse compilation, it needs to be gradual and detailed . This will be a meticulous chore but it needs to be done frame bu frame.

      I have to paint in specific areas using off-white on each frame. How do I open the video file in Photoshop?  What work space do I use?  (Is it the Motion workspace?) Is it possible to separate and isolate each frame? and how do i reassemble the whole thing once all edits have been made?

      Should this be done in Photoshop or can it be done in premier Pro?

      Also is there a way to select all frames and batch process even though the area needed to be painted over will be different on each video frame? Someone please help.