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    Lightroom 5 Export TIFF tonal change, even without making changes in Photoshop



           Hi there,


      I seem to experience a mysterious issue when Lightroom creates an Edit Tiff for external editing. I have this issue only with one picture it seems. I tried to replicate it with another, but it doessn't happen.

      So here's what happens. I already had an Edit.tif of a DNG. Then I noticed I wanted to do some final retouching in Photoshop with the healing brush, but I also did some minor adjustments in Lightroom on the Edit.tiff, so I decided to create an Edit-Edit.tif.

      Then when I went back to Lightroom, I noticed the Edit-Edit.tif was all of a sudden lighter in the shadows than my Edit.tif.

      I tried some trial and error investigation myself, to replicate the issue. I couldn't replicate it with other pictures. But when I tried to do the same thing again, except this time no Photoshop editing to the Edit-Edit.tif (so Photoshop didn't ask me to save), same thing happened. So at least I found out it doesn't have anything to do with Photoshop.


      Anyone any idea what this could be? I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!


      Kind regards,