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    what are the premier file types


      I see a lot of rendered file types in my disk directory after several editing sessions. I also see several types of files like pek, cfa, xmp. Is there somewhere that I can find the file types?


      I'm trying to clean up my directories but am concerned about deleting them without knowing what they are and how they relate to each other.


      Any help appreciated



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          cfa and pek are conformed audio files, you can delete them. The program will regenerate them automatically when and if it feels that it needs them.

          Find the Media Cache Files folder location (probably loaded with GB amounts of cfa and pek files by looking in Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disk and Media Cache.

          Those xmp files are information files which you typically do not need, but check out to what they are associated before deleting any.


          Also, clear the mcdb files (conformed video files). See Edit Menu/Preferences/Media.


          Check out the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder in the Adobe Folder. They can be deleted. Consequence is you will need to Timeline render the related content in the project to get the best possible preview.


          Let us start here, and then let us know how the clean up is going.


          Under no circumstances delete, move, or rename source media that went into a project after it has been saved and closed.