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    Why is Photoshop CC 2014 nearly crash with Wacom and fix itself when I move my regular mouse?


      I have Photoshop CC 2014 (completely updated through Creative Cloud). I am currently using a Wacom Intuos 3 9"X12" with the Intuos drivers all updated. Everything is updated. I am working on Windows 8, on a computer with 8 GB's of RAM. I have never had this problem before using Photoshop until just recently. Before I updated Photoshop CC 2014, I was having trouble putting in text into my files. I would go to edit or add text, and it would say that the text function was unavailable. I was pretty ticked, since I'm in school full time for animation and NEED Photoshop to work as fast as possible and this was making things harder. So, I updated. The text thing got fixed, but for some reason, whenever I use my wacom tablet to draw, it will work for a little bit (like two minutes) before it pretty much freezes my computer. It gets laggy and doesn't show anything on screen. I have waited almost two minutes before. But, whenever I move my REGULAR mouse (trackpad or USB mouse) it catches up with what just happened (including going from layer to layer if I clicked on those to get things moving). It makes it REALLY hard to work with this, and it's increased my worktime by at LEAST 45%, since I have to constantly fix this with a move of my regular mouse. During that time, I cannot click on anything with my wacom pen or use the hotkeys on the keyboard (the default ones).


      It, so far, doesn't seem that Photoshop CC has it, but I cannot update to that version. I always get to 75% or something REALLY fast, and then it says there was an error. I just don't know what's going ON with my programs. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall or something? My computer is set to optimize weekly, and I've done multiple scans to make sure I don't have a virus or something. Everything in clean, and I'm not overloaded on stuff, either. I usually only have two or three programs total open, Photoshop CC 2014 included. It ends up either being Photoshop and Firefox or Photoshop, Firefox, and iTunes to listen to music. I use a second monitor, as well, to make my flow go faster.


      Help ASAP would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks in advance!