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    PowerPoint notes not generated in Presenter 9 Notes tab after publishing


      I am using Presenter 9 for Microsoft PowerPoint Office Professional 2010 and am unable to produce the notes from the presentation into the Notes tab in final published version.  I have been using Presenter for years and have never had to make any additional setting changes to have the notes appear in the Notes tab.  I've checked the Settings, Theme, Publish, and Manage pages and found nothing regarding the notes, with the exception of the font type and size found on the Theme settings page.


      Did something change?  Am I missing something?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          RajeevAdobe Adobe Employee


          Welcome to Adobe forums.

          Nothing has changed in notes section. It is pretty much same as it was in older version.If it doesn't work for you then you may try to reset the preference of PowerPoint by renaming the file.

          Make sure PowerPoint is closed. Then navigate to the path mentioned below:


          Substutitute <UserName> with the user name set for your computer.

          The table below shows PCB file names that correspond to each PowerPoint version:

                         Version                   PCB file name

                    PowerPoint 2007              PPT12.pcb

                    PowerPoint 2010              PPT14.pcb

                    PowerPoint 2013              PPT15.pcb


          Within this folder, you will find one or more PCB files,Now you can either delete the PCB file or you can rename it with a .bak or another extension.Either way, if PowerPoint cannot find a PCB file while loading, it will generate a new PCB file thus rolling back all PowerPoint's customizations to an earlier stage.

          Note :- Renaming the .PCB file will reset your customization of PowerPoint.

          Please let me know if that works.




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            ocpanes2 Level 1

            Hello Rajeev,


            Thank you so much for your reply and your suggestion.  I did access the directory you mentioned and renamed the .PCB file.  I republished one of my projects and am still not getting the PPT slide notes to appear in the Notes tab of the Presenter player.  Interesting though, after making the changes and publishing, I returned to the directory you mentioned to see if a new .PCB file was generated, but to my surprise, I found that one did not get created.  Interesting, but not helpful to my current issue. :-(


            Thank you again for your help.  Please let me know if you think of anything else I may be missing.  This is very odd.


            Best Regards,