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    Premiere Elements 13 - crop then zoom work - output does not


      New to Premiere and so probably not understanding some concepts (probably applying idea around images incorrectly to videos).
      I have a an old clip I'm trying to test with - so for starters it's in 640x480, AVI format from an old Canon digicam


      There is a bunch of junk on a table on the left side of the clip and I can trim some of the top as well. What I've tried:
      Use Crop to remove the areas I don't want.
      Then check the "Zoom" box and the remaining area "fills" the visible space in the editor - perfect so far.


      But when I try to export the results to a mp4 file the results look nothing like the editor. I have some of the area from the left cropping back, and cropping i did not do on the right has now occurred so I've lost some of my actual content.  I'm hoping this is a simple thing for people who use this regularly - I've had no luck on Google


      Thanks in advance if you can offer a newbie some tips.