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    Library Feature




      With the latest updates I am having a play with this new(ish) library feature which is just what I am looking for.


      In terms of sharing it via collaboration, is the only choice through Adobe servers. To be frank our company is not overly fussed with our assets going to Adobe servers, especially in light of recent hacks both with adobe and elsewhere.


      Is there another option here, can I 'server' it myself in any way?


      Also I note that once I add artwork etc which is high quality it then shows as only a few KBs, is it getting hosed when added to the library?


      I have a lot of assets. for instance a folder of over 100 images adjusted in photo shop. Is there a quick way to get this stuff into the library. at the moment I am searching through indesign files etc try to find them to add to the library, there has to be a quick and easy way?


      Thanks for any help.